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How do I find the WPS YouTube channel and subscribe?

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After clicking the link above you'll be directed straight to our main page. If you already are subscribed, PARTY ON, if not you will then see a button on the top right hand corner that says “subscribe.” Click that button and you will then be subscribed to the channel. Make sure that you click the notifications bell next to the subscribe button and click ALL to get updates on all the content.

Can I contact John to talk about a video?

The best way to reach John is as a Patreon. Beyond getting direct access to conversations with John depending on the tier, you'll be providing support for the channel to grow and produce better content.

Also, feel free to leave comments under the videos for a chance we'll respond.

How often does WPS post YouTube videos?

Every Thursday between the hours of 2pm and 3pm EST. If John is feeling himself then we will post something on Tuesday around the same time.