Earn 'Poet Points' with every order

With each order on our supply co. you'll earn Poet Points which you can redeem for discount codes.

How do I utilize my earned Poet Points?

On our website, scroll down to Shop  - Poet Points and allocate however many Poet Points as you would like for your discount code. 125 Poet Points will get you a $1 off coupon code, 250 will get you $2, and so on!

How are Poet Points calculated?

With each dollar you spend on our supply co. will earn you 8 Poet Points. Make sure you are signed in to your WPS account when you purchase so you get the Poet Points you’ve earned!

Forget to sign in before placing an order?

No worries! Just reach out to our support team and they will be happy to credit those Poet Points to your account.

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