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What is the difference between the Ban Tang Custom Clinch Pick and the standard Clinch Pick?

The Ban Tang custom Clinch Pick is a handmade custom knife and sheath, made in the US. Hand finished with a razor sharp edge. This knife is for the buyer who wants the absolute best and not worried about the cost. Our standard Clinch Pick with good quality at a very good price point does not come with a razor sharp edge from the factory, but with a little sharpening and patience you can get it sharp. The sheaths are not as refined as the custom sheath and may leave some black marks on the blade from use. The production Clinch Picks is fully functional at an extremely affordable price.

The difference between the standard and WPS Clinch pick is the Society Clinch Picks are specially engraved with the WPS registered trademark shield.

Clinch Pick / Push Dagger Sheaths

We currently don't offer sheaths individually at this time, but feel free to check out the extras and replacements our partners at Shivworks have in stock.

How do I remove the black streaks on the blade from the sheath?

Soak the blade with a little WD40 or gun oil for a few minutes, then carefully wipe with a rag or nylon brush.

That is a common thing with Shivworks' knives. Please see their FAQ regarding the black marks on the blade: It is the soft kydex rubbing on the harder steel surface, and it easily comes off with a little gun oil!

Any black marks on the blade are not a sign of damage, but more a reassurance that your blade is firm and secure within the sheath.

How do I sharpen the Clinch Pick?

You can use a diamond stone by hand with some patience and a little eye hand coordination.  Or I like to use the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition knife sharpening system.  There are also a lot of other sharpening systems on the market.

Where can I get a better sheath?

Shivworks affiliate Dark Star gear makes custom US made handmade sheaths.

Do belt loops require maintenance and fitting?

If your belt loops becomes loose and flop around on your belt, then it is time to tighten the screw BEFORE the sheath falls off your belt. You can also use a thread locker such as Locktite to secure the screw. The new Wide Belt loop is extra long so users can trim to length with a pair of scissors.

Double Edge Clinch Pick

We currently don't offer a double-sided clinch pick at this time, but feel free to check out the Ban Tang custom Clinch Pick - Double Edge from our partners at Shivworks.


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