Check out our Instagram accounts!

How can I follow your Instagram accounts?

Click here to check out our main Instagram account. 

What do you post on your accounts?

We currently have 7 Instagram accounts available including profiles for some of our War Poets:

  • warriorpoetsociety: Our main IG account including- Free content, engagement and interaction with WPS, updates on new product offerings and promotions, new YouTube videos, WPSN show announcements, giveaways, training clips and tactics from John. 
  • wpsnetwork: Instagram for Warrior Poet Society Network, new show announcements, launch dates/times, sneak peaks, etc.
  • warriorpoetsupplyco: Account for our WPS storefront/marketplace.
  • johnlovell_wps: John Lovell- Lifestyle, Dad jokes, and WPS content from the man himself.
  • forrealevantemple: Evan Temple- design, product sneak peaks, WPS shenanigans, behind-the-scenes, etc.
  • wps_battle_gnome: Paul Perkerson- Training director, training announcements, locations, Battle Gnome, etc.
  • wps_yashka_drago: Josh Griffiths- Lead instructor, EDC Combatives, 10th Special Forces Group, 2nd Ranger Battalion, Fake Russian. 

How do I get featured?

Have an interesting / cool post, story, or review featuring our products? Tag our account @warriorpoetsociety or @warriorpoetsupplyco for a chance to be featured and tagged on our Instagram.