WPS Rifle Sling

Both of our rifle slings are currently in stock! 

WPS Rifle Sling Availability

The official Warrior Poet Society Rifle Sling is here, fresh out of WPS Laboratories and proudly made in the USA.

This popular product requires raw materials that are at a shortage nationwide, so when we do run out of stock, there will be a bit of a wait period as we gather more materials to produce more slings.

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How long/wide is the WPS Rifle Sling?

Approximately 45 inches long (114.3 centimeters) un-stretched and 1.75 inches wide.

Sling Attachment to Rifles

When attaching the WPS Rifle Sling to your rifle, we highly recommend checking out QD Sling Swivels first if there are no compatible loop points around the stock or barrel for the sling to wrap through. These QD Swivels can then latch onto handguards/gun rails with an M-Lok QD Sling Mount, RSA QD - Rail Sling Attachment QD, etc.

Hunting Rifle Swivels


This one-of-a-kind sling is compatible with strapping to swivel mounts already included on various firearms. For example, hunting rifles.

Will different colors be available?

Aside from Coyote and Black, we're striving to innovate other colors for the WPS Rifle Sling as soon as it's possible. In the meantime, please stand by as we crack our knuckles on this!

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