WPS Tactical Pen

WPS Tactical Pen - Supply Co.Has your Tac-Pen run out of ink?

WPS currently does not sell ink cartridges to refill the tactical pen.

However, the Tactical Pen takes standard international ballpoint pen refills 98mm in length with consistent reports of success from previous refill attempts.

Is your Tac-Pen ink drying up?

To prevent the ink cartridges from running dry, try to keep the cap screwed on to the pen side and facing down as much as possible.

If this doesn't work, try warming up the ink with a light heat source (i.e. hairdryer).

Made in China?

Negative, the clear plastic case the Tac Pen and cigar tube ship in is the only accessory of this product that is manufactured in China.

Three O-rings:

The three different size rings (bottom right) help hold the pen cartridge sturdy within the black steel body.


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